Team Ridonk

This group (and other iterations before it) has been chasing a precious prize for several years. That rare honor would be a BCA world championship in billiards. They came mighty close in both 2016 (9th Place) and 2018 (13th Place). But that was in the 2,750 Fargo division. The team now drops down a weight division for 2019 (the 2,500 Fargo division) and hopes to pack an even greater back kick.

Let's Meet the Players

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Eric Townsend

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Thomas Park

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Eric Barber

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Phil Goldstein

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Ian Alphin

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My Account

NOVA BCA was co-founded by Ridonk designer Eric S. Townsend. Established in 2009, this weekly circuit features the top amateur players in the Northern Virginia area (one of the top 5 pool regions in the United States).